Dollar Coin Alliance

Five Reasons to Support the Dollar Coin

1. Taxpayer Savings

A recent study on the budget savings impact of eliminating the dollar bill and moving to the dollar coin estimates that currency modernization will save American taxpayers at least $13.8 billion – 3X more than recent estimates. Get the facts

2. Other Countries’ Successes

The U.S. has one of the smallest denominations of paper currency among the major economies of the world. Many other industrialized nations have modernized their low-denomination currency and realized significant cost savings. Get the facts

3. Endorsements

New York Times, Boston Globe, The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and USA Today editorial boards all agree that we need to eliminate the $1 bill in favor of the $1 coin. Get the facts

4. Public Support

The polls show Americans favor the dollar coin when informed of the significant cost savings. Get the facts

5. 100% Recyclable

Unlike the wasteful $1 bill, which must be shredded and sent to the landfill every 22 months, the $1 coin lasts for 30 years and is 100% recyclable. Get the facts