Membership FAQ

Membership FAQ

Who is Dollar Coin Alliance?

Dollar Coin Alliance (DCA) is a coalition devoted to saving American taxpayers billions of dollars by transitioning from the dollar note to the dollar coin. We believe in the considerable benefits of transition and that is why we strive to educate taxpayers and policy-makers about the issue.

Our diverse and increasing membership includes small businesses, mass transit agencies, budget watchdogs, trade associations, and private companies. DCA is at the forefront of current policy discussion and debate regarding this increasingly pertinent issue.

Why should I join?

While the United States struggles to deal with its looming debt, policy makers will continue to seek innovative and realistic measures to increase efficiency and reduce spending. Transitioning to the dollar coin would assist in the promotion of these ideals.

As a coalition, we strive to maintain our many longstanding relationships in Congress and among other governmental agencies. Using these strong relations, we aim to promote the development of policy on Capitol Hill.

Transitioning to the dollar coin would save millions without increasing taxes or cutting programs. Transition makes sense and the time to get involved is now.

Why are policy-makers paying attention to the dollar coin?

It is estimated that a transition from the dollar note to the dollar coin would save American taxpayers over $184 million dollars per year. Over the course of 30 years, this amounts to over $5.5 billion dollars in savings. Given the current state of the federal debt, it is imperative that policy-makers pursue fiscally responsible policy.

In addition to its clear financial advantages, the dollar coin is environmentally conscious. Unlike dollar bills, which must be removed from circulation due to natural wear, the dollar coin is durable and 100 percent recyclable.

Not only would the dollar coin transition yield the above mentioned benefits, but also it would improve commerce through private sector savings, consumer ease, and increased accessibility for the visually impaired.

Other countries have already acknowledged the advantages of the dollar coin and it is time that we do the same. The benefits are clear—the time to transition is now.

How do I join?

Interested parties should contact Andy Davis at for more information regarding DCA membership.

How else can I get involved?

You can contact your Congressman, sign up for our email alerts, like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter. Click here to learn more!