What Weighs More?

What Weighs More?

The results may surprise you.

Even though transitioning to a dollar coin would save taxpayer money, be better for the environment and improve commerce for many industries, some people are still reluctant to make the change for the simple reason that dollar coins are slightly bulkier and heavier than dollar notes.

But, we wondered, how great of an inconvenience is it, really? We carry all sorts of things in our pockets, purses and wallets all the time — many of them quite heavy. And yet it’s really not something we think about on a day-to-day basis.

To get a sense, we did an informal experiment. Using our handy office postal scale, we weighed five dollar coins (which we figured was a reasonable number that a person would be carrying around at any one time) and compared the weight to other common items.

We also pitted the $1 coin against 4 quarters in the ultimate currency smackdown.


One Dollar Coin vs. Four Quarters

One Dollar Coin: 0.3 oz

Four Quarters: 0.8 oz

The ultimate showdown — a dollar coin versus four quarters. And, guess what? The $1 coin is nearly 3X lighter. This means that for many transactions, the dollar coin will actually reduce pocket weight.

Dollar Coins Vs Altoids1

Dollar Coins vs. Altoids

Dollar Coins: 1.5 oz

Altoids: 3.0 oz

It is important to keep your breath minty and fresh, but the weight of all those mints can really add up. A pack of Altoids is double the weight of five $1 dollar coins.

Dollar Coins Vs Mens Wallet1

Dollar Coins vs. Wallet

Five Dollar Coins: 1.5 oz

Men’s Wallet: 4.0 oz

OK guys… so we know you can’t really fit coins in your wallet, but this men’s wallet is more than twice the weight of just a few dollar coins.

Dollar Coins Vs IPhone41

Dollar Coins vs. iPhone 4

Dollar Coins: 1.5 oz

iPhone: 5.6 oz

Most everyone agrees the iPhone is a device that revolutionized the handheld market in the United States. But, all that computing and processing power does add up in the weight department. In fact, an iPhone 4 in a case weighs about 5.6 ounces — a far cry from five dollar coins which only weigh about an ounce and a half.

Dollar Coins Vs Snickers1

Dollar Coins vs. Snickers

Five Dollar Coins: 1.5 oz

Snickers: 2.1 oz

Candy bars only cost a buck or two… but did you know a Snickers bar weighs 28 percent more than 5 dollar coins?

Dollar Coins Vs Keys1

Dollar Coins vs. Keys

Dollar Coins: 1.5 oz

Keys: 4.7 oz

Everyone carries keys, right? Between house keys, car keys, various key fobs, key chains and other items, the weight can really add up. Like this set that weighed close to five ounces — that’s more than three times the weight of five dollar coins, which come in at a relatively svelte 1.5 ounces.